Monday, 16 September 2013

Funky hair

Last summer the girls asked if i would dip dye their hair, but the left it until a week or two before going back to school to ask, so the answer was "no, maybe next year"
They held me to the "promise" and made sure that the first time we went anywhere near a shop that sold hair dye in the summer holiday, they got to pick their colours.
I insisted on semi permanent, and wasn't keen to apply bleach to their hair, in order to make the colours stand out more... but Tabatha had her heart set on candy floss pink, which even though her hair is blonde, would not have showed up. She could not be dissuaded from it, so I had to relent and crack open the peroxide.
Ria chose Directions Rose Red, which was meant to be a light reddy pinky colour, but came out bright bright cerise.
It looked amazing, stained everything and refused to wash out before she went back to school, so she is now sporting a bob.
(this was why i only let them dip dye, so I could cut it off if it went horribly wrong)

Baylie chose Fire red by colour shock.
I didn't pre-bleach Baylies's hair, so it did show up as much, but Baylie's hair is still quite short and it would have been too much to cut off afterwards.

Tabatha, as previous mentioned wanted candy floss pink.
Technically she wanted bubblegum blue, but it was out of stock.
Her hair was the fastest to wash out, but she has kept her bleached tips as the look pretty awesome in her hair and don't look ridiculous on an overly fashion conscious almost 10 year old.
She is also showcasing her new "Geek Chic" over sized glasses.


Friday, 13 September 2013

All grown up

Logan has just reached another milestone...
the dreaded first haircut!
She was getting to be in desperate need of one, her hair is wild a lot of the time, and on the rare occasions that she sits still long enough for me to put wonky, lop-sided pigtails in it, she then proceeds to brush her own hair and tangle it up, or pull them out. humph!
(this is at it worse, messy, grumpy with a strop on!)
So this morning (yes, this is breaking news, I'm sharing here people, depending on upload speeds, you might even know before facebook does), I bit the bullet, washed her hair, which is a traumatic experience in itself and grabbed my scissors.
Having 4 girls means that I have become quite adept at cutting girls hair, so long as it is straight across with no layers and fringes still scare me a little.
But cutting baby hair, well that's a whole different ball park. They fidget, wriggle and move when you are cutting the crucial big of hair at the front that everyone will see is lopsided.
Luckily, I have back up in the form of Mick. for those not in the loop, Mick is my ipad. Yes, my ipad has a name, his name is Mick, I can ask Logan to fetch my Mick and she trots off to collect my ipad (don't judge me people, my kitchen aid is called Barry!)
Mick is brilliant at keeping Logan still whilst entertaining her with Mickey Mouse, Mrs Potato Head, Doc McStuffins, Peppa Pig and Toca Monsters (I'm not being paid to mention these games, but if you have an ipad and a small child, these games are very good.)
Snip Snip Snip
And Voila... 1 even bob with a little fringe.
I'm actually really chuffed with the results... it didn't go wonky and she doesn't look stupid, OK the duck lip pout looks a little stupid, but its better than the screwed up eyes, teeth clenched smile she normally gives me :)
Shes a little rascal, and now she's starting to look like a little girl.
Sad Times
I won't mention the fact that she will be starting school in a mere 2 years, or that she already has a bag of uniform or when that dreaded day comes...

Thursday, 1 August 2013

World Breastfeeding Week

Breastfeeding is something I feel quite strongly about and right now it is World Breastfeeding Week.
So over at Green Pees, I'm running a giveaway for a nursing pillow.

Pop over to take a look and tell your friends

And if you are a breastfeeding mummy, you can celebrate breastfeeding, world breast feeding week  and maybe even break a world record for the most women breastfeeding simultaneously,  by joining the Big Latch on this Weekend.

Check out the Big Latch On website for details of your nearest location.

The Leaky Boob are also running an amazing huge giveaway.
You can enter here

Politically motivated Gymnastics?

Ria took part in her second gymnastic competition recently.
It give us a chance to see how she's getting on 
And whether or not our money is being well spent ;)


She did really well.
And came sixth.




Sadly she should have come higher, but there was obviously some political scoring going on, as a girl who forgot her entire floor routine and had to be reminded of the moves, came third!
How does that even work?
I'm pretty sure that you don't get medals at the Olympics for forgetting your routine... If anything you get disqualified.
Anyhoo, rant over, nothing I can do about it and Ria was chuffed to bits to be called up in sixth place in front of everyone, and she'd improved on her placement last year.
So long as she is enjoying herself and improving, that's the import at thing.

We'll see what happens next year... 

Monday, 29 July 2013

Birthday girl at six!

Baylie turned 6.


The beauty of Baylie's birthday being in July is that it coincides with the summer Disney release.
Last year was "Brave", this year "Monsters University".
(A sequel to the film responsible for making me broody and for Rias's middle name being Boo!)

She got to bring a friend and go to Pizza Hut.
(Personally, I'm not a Pizza Hut fan, their dough is dry and having only one choice of cheese is rubbish. No offence to the Hut, but Domino's kicks your ass!)

She had a lovely time and was spoilt with many princess based presents... Sofia the first and Brave figuring quite heavily.

The cake was a smaller version of Sweetapolita's campfire cake.


I messed up the layers on it, there were more chocolate frosted ones, than marshmallow ones.
Maybe I'm being a little OCD there, Baylie didn't care!


Monday, 24 June 2013

Tudor Costumes

Tabatha and Ria have headed off to Kentwell Hall today, as part of their Tudor topic at school.
It is a fully immersive day, no mod cons, everyone in costume, only Tudor coins allowed as currency.
Tabatha was worried that she wouldn't be allowed to wear her glasses, as they had yet to be invented, and would be forced to wander round blind for the day! :)
The sewing machine was dusted off and bought out of retirement... It's been a while.
Over enthusiam when it comes to costume making is one of my downfalls, offering to make costumes for my friend's 2 children as well is another.
I drew inspiration from many sources.
This post by linen cat was really helpful when it came to inspiration for the boy costume, I'd offered to make.
Some skirts and a valanced bed sheet from the charity shop served as the main fabrics.
Some leftover corduroy, twine and rayon came from my stash.
The skull cap pattern was found online, but I can't remember where... sorry.
The maids cap was recycled from the Victorian costume made a few years back.
DSC_0510  DSC_0511
Apart from the eleventh hour hand stitching of a hat (I DO NOT like hand sewing!),
I enjoyed myself and I'm really pleased with the finished results.
I may have to find my sewing machine, an easier, more accessible home
The boys costume was made from a girls old school pinafore that had a big glue stain on it.
I covered it up with a large Tudor rose made out of felt, thanks to this tutorial, and decorated with a salvaged pigeon feather from one of Canelo's (many) kills.

Thursday, 20 June 2013


I saw this gorgeous photo on Pinterest a little while ago, and thought how much I would love to do that with one of mine.

As luck would have it, Baylie was getting herself all dressed up (with nowhere to go! Kids, eh?), so I thought I'd give the beehive a go.
I'm quite proud of it, even if I do say so myself.
Sadly every time a camera comes out near Baylie, she goes a little funny!
Firstly she wont smile, because of her still missing front teeth, then she stares at the camera so long without blinking, all photos make her look a little bit Forrest Gump.
So to relax her you have to make her giggle, and take photos in between... thats when the magic happens...

DSC_0438  DSC_0441

Then Baylie takes it too far, and the face starts, the jumping about, the talking belly buttons and the other children trying to get in on the act...

DSC_0439  DSC_0413

DSC_0479  DSC_0446



Lets just say if she sheds some puppy fat, her legs ever grow, and she decides to become a model, God help her photographers!