Monday, 24 June 2013

Tudor Costumes

Tabatha and Ria have headed off to Kentwell Hall today, as part of their Tudor topic at school.
It is a fully immersive day, no mod cons, everyone in costume, only Tudor coins allowed as currency.
Tabatha was worried that she wouldn't be allowed to wear her glasses, as they had yet to be invented, and would be forced to wander round blind for the day! :)
The sewing machine was dusted off and bought out of retirement... It's been a while.
Over enthusiam when it comes to costume making is one of my downfalls, offering to make costumes for my friend's 2 children as well is another.
I drew inspiration from many sources.
This post by linen cat was really helpful when it came to inspiration for the boy costume, I'd offered to make.
Some skirts and a valanced bed sheet from the charity shop served as the main fabrics.
Some leftover corduroy, twine and rayon came from my stash.
The skull cap pattern was found online, but I can't remember where... sorry.
The maids cap was recycled from the Victorian costume made a few years back.
DSC_0510  DSC_0511
Apart from the eleventh hour hand stitching of a hat (I DO NOT like hand sewing!),
I enjoyed myself and I'm really pleased with the finished results.
I may have to find my sewing machine, an easier, more accessible home
The boys costume was made from a girls old school pinafore that had a big glue stain on it.
I covered it up with a large Tudor rose made out of felt, thanks to this tutorial, and decorated with a salvaged pigeon feather from one of Canelo's (many) kills.


Beth said...

They all look totally brilliant, you've done a fantastic job and I fully admire your being kind enough to make outfits for your friend's children too. I just lent the tudor boy outfit to a friend for her son, who is also doing a tudor day house visit - I love it when things are well used, makes all the effort worth while, although seeing the kids happy faces when all dressed up works a treat too. Thanks for mentioning my blog, really appreciate that and glad it helped. Beth/thelinencat

What I Did Today said...

You are so stinkin' talented. Absolutely love it!