Monday, 29 July 2013

Birthday girl at six!

Baylie turned 6.


The beauty of Baylie's birthday being in July is that it coincides with the summer Disney release.
Last year was "Brave", this year "Monsters University".
(A sequel to the film responsible for making me broody and for Rias's middle name being Boo!)

She got to bring a friend and go to Pizza Hut.
(Personally, I'm not a Pizza Hut fan, their dough is dry and having only one choice of cheese is rubbish. No offence to the Hut, but Domino's kicks your ass!)

She had a lovely time and was spoilt with many princess based presents... Sofia the first and Brave figuring quite heavily.

The cake was a smaller version of Sweetapolita's campfire cake.


I messed up the layers on it, there were more chocolate frosted ones, than marshmallow ones.
Maybe I'm being a little OCD there, Baylie didn't care!


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Annika B said...

Happy belated Birthday to Baylie! She looks happy with the cake! :o)